Enhance Your Natural Charm With Beauty Products From Royal Jelly

Beauty and women are two notions that have always gone hand in hand. Since ancient times women belonging to all social categories have tried to enhance their natural charms by using various treatments and beauty tricks. Beauty products from royal jelly were, and still are highly appreciated for their rejuvenating and stimulating effects. Beauty treatments with this hive product provide a smooth, baby like skin and give hair an amazing shine.

Beauty experts advise women to use jelly if they want to have a queen’s complexion. Thus, you should definitely try a royal jelly face mask. History tells us that Queen Cleopatra enhanced her beauty with the help of bee products. The attraction and magnetism she exercised upon men are legendary. Beauty queens and not only, should know that royal jelly is an extraordinary cosmetic product. The benefits of royal jelly reside in its composition that includes protean substances, lipids, carbohydrates and vitamins. All these substances influence blood circulation, maintain water within tissues, regenerate skin cells, alleviate wrinkles and give skin its lost elasticity.

The royal jelly face mask can be considered on the most powerful cosmetic products. It is suitable for all skin types and its benefits are countless. One of the most efficient face masks consists in mixing an ampoule of royal jelly with a teaspoon of olive oil, two teaspoons of rye flour, a yolk (for dry skin complexion) or the white of an egg (for oily skin), a tablespoon of banana pulp and a tablespoon of honey. The ingredients are stirred thoroughly and the resulting mixture is applied all over the face. After half an hour the mask is rinsed off with lukewarm water.

Freckles are adorable if you are a toddler but if you are a mature lady, they might be a problem. Cover them with foundation does not solve the problem. It might even get worse, since too much foundation is not at all beneficial for any type of skin. Once again royal jelly face masks turn out to be a precious ally in the fight against freckles and pigmented spots. The mask to be used in this case is made of an ampoule of royal jelly and two teaspoons of citrus juice (orange, lemon or grapefruit). The affected area has to be padded daily with a cotton pad soaked into the mixture.

The beauty products made from this natural substance do not limit themselves to face and cream masks. Thus, this unique bee product is used as main ingredient in various types of shampoos and hair conditioners. It is believed that jelly is the natural product with the highest concentration of B5 vitamin. Therefore, the benefits of this amazing natural product in treating hair and scalp problems cannot be matched by any other product, whether natural or synthetic. The B5 vitamin, also known as the beauty vitamin, can put an end to severe seborrhea, prevents the development of premature sliver-hair and gives hair a healthy and shiny aspect. The amino acids extant in the composition of this hive product stimulate blood circulation, which in its turn determines hair growth. A similar role has the E vitamin, which also protects the oxygen reserves located at the hair root. To put is short, jelly hair masks restore the internal structure of hair, which becomes more resistant and beautiful. Royal jelly hair masks are also extremely beneficial in the treatment of severe hair loss.

Beauty products from royal jelly are the nowadays fountain of youth. Its extraordinary composition and properties turned royal jelly into a highly appreciated cosmetic ingredient desired and used by cosmetic producers worldwide.

Cosmetic Surgery Booming Despite Its Hefty Price Tag

The demand for cosmetic surgery continues to soar around the world. More and more beauty conscious people, including men, women and teens, are now choosing to undergo the surgeon’s knife to beautify their physical appearance and enhance their overall body looks, despite the fact that it is truly going to cost them a fortune.

These days cosmetic surgery is no longer an exclusive beauty secret of rich and famous personalities. It is now a common request among general public.

In today’s appearance-conscious society, almost every woman wishes to have fuller lips and a tighter behind. Not only women, these days even men are increasingly choosing appearance-enhancing cosmetic surgery procedures to get a better defined shape on both their bodies and faces.


Cosmetic (aesthetic) surgery is one of the subsets of plastic surgery alongside reconstructive surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is performed to improve the look of a person’s body part that is within a range of normal appearance and functions normally. This surgery is typically done to enhance the normal body structure beyond the average level toward some aesthetic ideal. As well, it gives patients a powerful boost in confidence.

Popular Procedures

The popular cosmetic surgery procedures include Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty); Breast enlargement (breast augmentation); breast lift (Mastopexy); Breast reduction; Male breast reduction (gynecomastia); Buttock augmentation; Buttock lift; Nose job (rhinoplasty); Ear surgery (otoplasty); Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty); Brow lift; Facelift (rhytidectomy); Liposuction (suction-assisted lipectomy); Chin augmentation and Hair transplantation.

Surging Trend of Cosmetic Surgery

In the past couple of years, the cosmetic surgery has exploded in demand. A stupendous number of people who want to look their best are increasingly electing to have a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures to correct or beautify specific part(s) of their body.

Technological advances, availability of minimally invasive anti-ageing and cosmetic surgery procedures for the face, breasts, buttocks or other body parts, as well as the highly skilled aesthetic surgeons and the desire to look like TV and film stars are the major factor driving a boom in cosmetic surgery.

Based on ASPS’ 2011 statistics, it is clear that the demand for cosmetic surgery procedures (both surgical and minimally invasive) increased dramatically, with Breast augmentation (307,000 procedures), Rhinoplasty or nose job (244,000), Liposuction (205,000), Eyelid surgery (196,000) and Facelift (119,000) remained most in demand last year in the United States.

The top five minimally invasive procedures performed in 2011 in the United States include Botox (5.7 million procedures); Soft tissue fillers (1.9 million); Chemical peel (1.1 million); Laser hair removal (1.1 million) and Microdermabrasion (900,000).


The cost of cosmetic surgery varies from country to country and state to state, depending on factors like what type of procedure the patient chooses as well as experience of the surgeon and the reputation of aesthetic clinic the patient elects to get the body rejuvenation done.

For example, breast augmentation has different price range than rhinoplasty or facelift. The cost of boob job largely depends on the shape and size of the breast implant, as well as the type of the implant (saline or silicon). Likewise, an extensively experienced surgeon with excellent cosmetic skills may charge higher prices.

The price also varies from clinic to clinic and even by region and country. Getting body enhancement procedures may cost you a fortune in the affluent countries of the world, namely US, Canada, Australia, UK and other European countries. However, in some developing and newly industrialized countries the prices are dramatically lower than in the developed countries.

The low-income and uninsured people who have not been able to shell out a fortune to look good in their local aesthetic clinics can consider undergoing the surgery in countries like India, Thailand, Mexico and Costa Rica where these procedures come at a price that will certainly surprise you.